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Debug Preferences

Since Final Cut Pro 10.0.0, there has been some secret debug preferences, that are not user accessible.
In earlier versions of Final Cut Pro there were a couple of different debug preferences, however as of 10.4.4, there's only one.
You can explore these debug preferences by following these steps:
  • Make a duplicate of your Final Cut Pro application for safety.
  • Right click on the Final Cut Pro application bundle and select "Show Package Contents".
Show Package Contents
  • Navigate to "Contents > Resources > en.lproj" (assuming your system is set to English).
  • Rename PEAppGeneralPreferencesModule.nib to PEAppGeneralPreferencesModule ORIGINAL.nib.
  • Duplicate PEAppUserPreferencesModule.nib.
  • Rename the duplicate of PEAppUserPreferencesModule.nib to PEAppGeneralPreferencesModule.nib.
  • Now when you start Final Cut Pro, instead of the "General" Preferences, you'll see the hidden "User" Preferences.
Debug Preferences