Debug Menu

Since Final Cut Pro 10.0.0, there has been a secret debug menu, that's not user accessible.

You can explore the debug menu by following these steps:

  • Install Xcode if you don't already have it.

  • Install NibDecompiler using the instructions on their GitHub README.

  • Make a duplicate of your Final Cut Pro application for safety.

  • Right click on the Final Cut Pro application bundle and select "Show Package Contents".

Show Package Contents
  • Navigate to "Contents > Resources > en.lproj" (assuming your system is set to English).

  • Copy the MainMenu.nib file to your desktop.

  • Right click on the MainMenu.nib file and select "Services > NibDecompiler".

  • Double click on MainMenu.nib to open it in Xcode.

  • If presented with a "Trust opening older file format?" warning, select "Open and Upgrade".

Xcode Warning
  • If presented with a "The document MainMenu.nib has an internal inconsistency that was found and repaired", select "OK".

Xcode Error
  • Select the "Debug" menu in the Interface Builder and press CMD+D to duplicate it.

Duplicate Debug Menu Item
  • Close Xcode.

  • Move the MainMenu.nib file from your desktop back into your Final Cut Pro application, replacing the original.

  • Now when you open Final Cut Pro, you'll have access to the Debug Menu.

Debug Menu Item